Getting Rolled at the Alamo

And so the Calorie Neutral Challenge begins in sunny San Antonio, Texas, location of the National Medical-Legal Partnership Conference 2012, and all things Tex-Mex. Dawn on Sunday March 25th saw me determined to work off the pleasures of the evening prior – at La Margarita, Market Square. But it wasn’t the beef fajitas al carbon with grilled onion, cheese enchilada, tamale, crispy taco, refried beans, and guacamole that did it for me. No, it was the humble nachos. The wafer thin-and-crispy appetizer barely resembled our standard fare supermarket Doritos / CCs (did you notice they put ‘em in smaller 175g bags now!). No, these colourful delights and accompany salsa were, if common, nothing short of inspired. In fact, they have become the motivation for my next challenge – Running for Nachos.

Sunday’s dawn run began in downtown San Antonio and followed the Brackenridge, San Antonio Zoo/Alamo 8 mile loop. Tragedy threatened near The Alamo when I rolled my ankle and wondered if the maiden run had come to an early and unceremonious end. What remains of the old mission church The Alamo is where Mexican general Santa Anna laid siege to an occupied garrison led by 26 year old William Travis, whose stoic call for reinforcements ended with the signature line ‘Victory or Death’. Lets just say that we both got rolled at The Alamo.

Fortunately my injury was minor and I plodded out to San Antonio Zoo – past the Enchilada Warehouse (restaurant) that I figure my American friend Nathan in Bendigo would think was the type of ‘greasy spoon’ I should be aiming for to get some seriously good food in the US. In the dawn light on route to the zoo, I saw more enormous Ford pick-ups than at any Aussie ute muster, and discovered on my arrival that the Get Your Rear Into Gear charity fun-run for colon cancer was about to start. I only had a $10 on me so couldn’t stump up the entrance fee (sadly missing the complimentary pre-run burritos). Gotta say it was awesome to see a bunch of people out and about and having a crack back at the obesity epidemic.

And on the epicurean list today? I’m gonna get me some ribs – and nachos!

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