Running for Nachos

Hit-out #2 of the calorie neutral challenge took the 5-mile highlights route on the San Antonio Running Guide. Running for Nachos (thanks Steve and Anna for the shirt) took me through the historic district and along a loop on the Riverwalk. Dawn runs are always great for seeing a city wake up – although a picket-line of Teamsters looked like they’d been at it all night.

Gotta say that although the trot was good I don’t think it got me back to square after the previous day’s fare. Highlights were the awesome Mexican stone ground chocolate with chipotle chilli (the choc-cinnamon also scores well), organic tamales in banana leaf with pork, onion and pineapple, and the Texan barbecue – it was like brontosaurus ribs a la Flintstones (nice touch with two straws in the litre of DIET coke for high-volume flow).

But, the thing that really blew me away was a supermarket – Wholefoods Market. But it ain’t selling junk – it is full of seriously good tucker and smart food handling systems, and, not a plastic carry-bag in sight.  I swear it made me want to be a grocer, it was inspiring. Aussie entrepreneurs get on it!

Adios sportsfans and San Antonio – off to Washington DC.

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