Wednesday 28th March found me in DC running the monuments (7 m/ 10.2 k) on dusk from downtown to the Whitehouse, up to the Lincoln Memorial, along to Capitol Hill and back to the Washington Monument. Here we are looking at The Reflecting Pool towards Capitol Hill, but don’t be too disappointed, it was drained for works.

The taste sensation of the day was definitely the pupusa with curdito salad made by Cruz at St Mary’s Center for Maternal Child Care, Medical, Mental Health and Social Services. Pupusa, a traditional Salvadoran dish comprising a thick hand-made corn tortilla and filling (in my case chicharron pork), has been sold there by Cruz ever since she first came to DC as a refugee in the late 80s. Curtido is a lightly fermented cabbage slaw with chilies and vinegar – nice stuff.

It reminded me of Rainbow Cafes in my home city Brisbane, Queensland, during the 90s where Salvadoran and Eritrean women would  sell their pupusa and injera (wheat pancakes) respectively, to raise funds for refugee resettlement.


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