Welcome back jogger-bloggers.

Regretfully the last five days in Washington DC have been gastronomically uneventful. They have, in a curious way, resembled much of my physical activity, comprising many stock-standard walking miles around DC, from the National Pro Bono conference venue to my hotel room and the odd site here and there. I tell myself “just bide your time for the Charles in Boston”.

Four food finds make it into the DC file:

  • Slim Jim – 40 cm of Tabasco infused twiggy stick  courtesy of the 7-Eleven
  • The Obama Southern Landslide cocktail in the Robin’s Nest at the Willard
  • Heritage variety apples (Stayman Winesap and Nittany and from Black Rock Orchard in Lineboro, Maryland) at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market
  • The Uberpretzel – its solid texture, salt crystals and warmth were reassuringly satisfying. It was commendable, but for the slightly bitter glaze – a bit like dishwashing detergent on your glass…

US Supreme Court - which heard arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare over the past week

Off to Syracuse and then Boston.


PS The cherry blossoms were real pretty too

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