Boston Scrod

After a sub-zero, whirlwind tour of Syracuse (I walked a couple of miles to a pizza joint after getting in late, did no other exercise and the closest I got to a pulse above 120 was interviewing Dr Steven Blatt, runner and Medical Director of the Syracuse MLP), I arrived in beautiful, sunny Boston on Monday.

Determined to make the most of the great weather I did a loop from my hotel on Mass Ave, along the Charles, up to Harvard and back. Running past banners celebrating the Boston Marathon (on again in just a couple of weeks) and Harvard must have got me a little over-excited (it’s the closest I’ll be getting to those institutions) and saw me clock up over 11 miles / 18 k.

Boston is good for bikes and, like many cities, now has a bike share scheme. It got me around plenty of meetings and eateries including Toro, a spanish restaurant on Washington Avenue that the hotel guy recommended – the Lergua con Lentejas y Salsa Verde (Smoked buffalo tongue with lentils and salsa verde) was tasty. Get it?

Now when you go to Boston you gotta eat the obvious – seafood. So, I gave chowder (with oyster crackers) and a lobster roll a go courtesy of the Boston Chowda Co. The chowder was great comfort food.

The following night found me at Legal Sea Foods – courtesy of recommendations by Ellen Lawton (former ED at the National Center for MLP) and the taxi driver in Syracuse. Ellen obviously had a soft spot for Boston Scrod (a fictitious name for either cod or haddock, whichever had been caught that day), a baked fish dish that is also pure comfort on a plate. Legal’s crab cake made the perfect side.

Now, not only is Legal Sea Foods’ name a natural connection with this blog (Legal got its name by association with the Legal Cash Market next door to the first store, that issued ‘Legal Stamps’ providing discounts to loyal customers), Legal Sea Foods has quite a public health record:

  • establishing the original Quality Control Center for fish processing and distribution in 1981
  • partnering with the Food and Drug Administration to establish standards for freshness and food safety in 1990 and
  • joining the Nutrition Round Table at the Harvard School of Public Health in 1998

Next run – Providence, Rhode Island.



  1. Dave Fagg says:

    Loving the blog mate! Is there a joke about the “Lergua con Lentejas y Salsa Verde”?…I’m too obtuse to get it.

    Food sounds awesome, the runs sound hard…I think we’re missing you on our runs – the steady anchor that keeps us going. I’m struggling to get to 4km.

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