Rhode Runner

Remember the Calorie Neutral Challenge? Here’s the next post.

Providence, Rhode Island – home of Gallus galls domesticus (the Rhode Island Red Chicken) and Mercenaria mercenaria (the hard shell clam Quahaug).

Gotta tell ya, running weather doesn’t get any better – cool, clear and still. While the “Rhode Island Road Runners Club” had lots of great leads on good runs I kept it simple – from the Biltmore Hotel, around Fox Point, through College Hill and back downtown – 4.8miles, about 7.7k. It was picture postcard. A cool thing was running past and through the Fox Point the Hurricane Barrier, built to protect low-lying areas of Providence from inundation during hurricanes.

In September 1938, the Great New England Hurricane slammed the coast of Southern New England, killing 250 people in   the region and causing millions of dollars in damage. Downtown Providence, a bustling center of commerce was entirely submerged under water, causing about $120 million in damage in the city alone. Again in 1954, the area was hit by Hurricane Carol. (Wikipedia, where else)

My food-find saw me return to Fox Point on a hot tip from Jeannine Casselman (attorney with the RI Center for Law and Public Policy, MLP lawyer extrordinairre and foodie) who highly recommended both the Cambodian and Ethiopian restaurants. Ankor was inexplicably closed (missing its famous Nam Yaa medicine soup was bitter loss), but Abyssinia up the way was open and outstanding!  Doro Wot and Key Wot with various vegetable dishes all served on a steering wheel sized injera was seriously delicious, see the post Cruz. It did me for lunch and dinner.

Next stop NY, NY.


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