I bite my thumb at you?

Remember the Calorie Neutral Challenge? Here’s the latest.

Where do you start when it comes to food in New York City? To not embrace the challenge seems like a brazen insult.

In what is regarded as a culinary Mecca (yada yada), to say that I have not reached some ecstatic height of taste sensation seems not only insulting, it’s pathetic – like getting weary at base camp and settling for two-minute noodles. Well, to be honest while I haven’t (yet) reached the dizzy heights, I have had some very good, honest tucker.

I tried to get into the pizza joint under Brooklyn Bridge (i.e. THE pizza joint) but couldn’t hack the 2 hour queue and settled for the local Japanese place around the corner, which did a mighty fine braised salmon and black bean sauce.

Staying in Little Italy has meant a fill of lasagne and pizza (they too were honestly decent) and, on recommendation from Jeanette Zelhof from MHY Legal Services, the Pakistani Tea House did a great lunch combo.

I have snuck a hot dog and a jalapeno butter smothered corn cob at a street market (okay the calorie neutral challenge isn’t looking too good just now).

But, the gelato in Little Italy is the winner so far. I have a very soft spot for pistachio, though the stracciatella was also freakin awesome. “Stracciattella has fine bits of chocolate throughout, which results in a smooth texture with just the slightest crunch in every bite. This is achieved by drizzling in a thin stream of melted chocolate during the final stages of churning, which hardens on contact and gets broken up as it churns.” (www.italianchef.com)

Soooooooo, where’s the exercise? Well, there has been less of that because although there is a bit of cross-avenue walking to be done, the subway is very good at getting you from A to B (without raising your pulse). But, I did a lap of Central Park (and bits to and from – all up about 5 miles / 8 k guess). It was, again owing to the temperate spring, just beautiful. The ginko’s are just coming into leaf, squirrels are out and about and the woodpeckers are, pecking. They’re actually pretty cool. I guess it would be a little like hearing a kookaburra for the first time.

So, I’m determined that tomorrow morning will see me out again, perhaps around down to Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan, over to the Meat Packing District and back.


PS The local Sprout Creek raw milk Ouray cheese * on a baguette from Wholefoods (see Running for Nachos) was also jolly nice in Central Park outside the Guggenheim. It was a Sunday okay!

Ouray (oo-ray):

A raw cows’ milk cheese with cheddar-like hints, it has a sweet floral flavor with a firm dry paste and a natural edible rind. Aged: 7-9 months. Wine Spectator magazine’s choice for 100 best cheeses in the world. (www.sproutcreekfarm.org)

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