High-rise Honey

Remember the Calorie Neutral Challenge? Here’s the latest.

You’ve gotta watch some crap TV while you’re on the road – and lucky for me it’s here in spades. And so much ‘reality’ telly to choose from: Pawn Stars (a father and son act taking you blow-by-blow through their eclectic trading adventures), Storage Wars: Texas (where bidders vie for unclaimed or seized ‘storage’ loot) or Baggage Battles (where speculators bid blind on unopened, unclaimed airport baggage).

Right in the middle of one tense auction in Storage Wars: Texas (remember, “Don’t mess with Texas”) they cut to a break and I was bluntly reminded why I shouldn’t have been slobbing around – the obesity epidemic.

When the real reality tv show The Weight of a Nation premieres in mid-May it is going to cause a few gasps. Bringing together the nation’s leading research institutions, the series features interviews with experts and compelling stories of people struggling with obesity. Check out the trailer.

Now this is where I should be telling you about the 5 miles that I just ran after seeing the ad. But, my next run ain’t until Philly – so you’ll have to settle for…um…food.

I guess that my philosophy for the calorie-neutral challenge is that if I’m going to eat, I should eat well and enjoy it. I know that this approach will have to be suspended on occasion because I am interested in eating some iconic junk food. I’m considering those times to be experimental digressions. I will still have to burn it off right? I just hope that the damage isn’t permanent.

So, here are the final foodie wraps for NY (Seeing them stacked up makes me feel like a pig. They were stretched out okay).

The cannoli (L) at Ferrara in Little Italy were fabulous. The pastry was so light and crisp (not crunchy). I think that I liked the plain one best. And the Mandarin mouse (R) scored high for visual impact.

The lemon tart and elegant open sandwich (R) at Le Pain Quotidien were testament that a chain store can serve great food. Follow the link, it is inspiring.

Lastly, while the Farmer’s Market at Union Square was predictably great, the thing that really caught my eye was Andrew from NYC bees – yep, high-rise honey. His rarest produce was a 2011 vintage of Chelsea honey (i.e. from bees in Cheslea, Manhattan Island). I couldn’t resist it for two reasons. First, it reminded me of our own bees back in Central Victoria, that have kept us in honey for the last seven years. Second, while Chelsea lays claim to some of the best eating in NY, I bet that 99% of the most distinguished and discerning food buffs on Manhattan have never eaten the local honey. Go Chelsea bees!


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