The Presidio 10 – Breakfast Burritos and Bloody Marys

Remember the Calorie Neutral Challenge? Here’s the latest.

I left Baltimore with Faidley’s lump crab-cake on my lips and the Presidio 10 on my brain.

Faidley’s Seafood has been a Baltimore Institution since 1886 and is widely regarded as the finest local purveyor of lump-crab cake. Located at the gritty Lexington Market, Faidley’s is the real deal, serving wonderful seafood at a great price to locals and tourists alike. Nancy Faidley-Devine personally forms the cakes by hand just behind the counter; it’s about the furthest thing from a seafood-extender “crab stick” at the Long Gully Fish and Chip shop (my local) that I have ever seen. It was devine.

The fare was not perfected by the second course but it was an interesting juxtaposition – buffalo wings (generic KFC) and deep-fried Oreos. I wondered whether I was meant to snort the white stuff in the little tub before the lady explained it was powdered sugar to sprinkle.

With some serious calories under the belt, penance was due. Fortunately penance and pleasure combined the next day at the Presidio 10, which saw me over on the West Coast in San Francisco on the 5.45am bus up to Crissy Field at the Presidio, below the Golden Gate Bridge.

When I realised I’d be in San Fran for the Presidio 10, a 10 mile (16k) fun-run for charity, I was pretty happy – great run, great city.

Beginning at Crissy Field (dedicated to park lovers who dare to dream) thousands of runners gathered at the start and stood silently (many with hand on heart) for a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, sung by a local tenor. This would not happen in Australia.

We counted down the start and took off, winding our way up and up and up the three miles to the Presidio headland above Fort Point. The route tracked over and back across the Bridge, suspended under low cloud, and down again to the foreshore through stands of gums. The final few miles followed a sea-sprayed, gravel path along the ocean-front and then cut back behind the marshlands. The winner clocked 57 minutes. I came in about half an hour later.

Creeping soreness soon gave way to the pleasure of the celebration upon arrival at the finish. Pancakes, beer, Bloody Mary’s and Breakfast Burritos were all on offer  – and all were gladly accepted!


Bloody Mary with a Beer chaser

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