MLP Metrics

Having solid Medical-Legal Partnership metrics, that record and measure the impact and efficacy of medical-legal partnership, is one of the most critical issues in ensuring the long-term viability of medical-legal / health-advocacy collaborations.

The importance of evaluation and measuring impact has been emphasised to me time and again; at the National Conference in San Antionio, in the decision of the interim board of the National Centre for MLP to relocate to George Washington University, in the text Poverty, Health and Law, in the pitch for National and State legislation supporting pilot MLPs, during interviews with key players in the MLP movement and at many site visits.

So the take away message is –  build a robust evaluation process (and funding for it!) into your partnership program, prior to initiating services. It helps you track and bench-mark your work, it is critical for funders (public and private) of individual programs, and is ultimately crucial to the long-term survival of the MLP concept.

Evaluation is a vast field of study and practice, and frankly, well beyond my area of knowledge of expertise. That’s why it’s so important to form partnerships with an agency that has expertise in this field and can give you the quality data analysis that you need.

Here are a few studies of MLP services that I have seen that you might find helpful in thinking about evaluation:

The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership also cites other examples of MLP research and evaluation that will be useful.

Peter Noble

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