Homage to CLIF

Remember the Calorie Neutral Challenge? Here’s the latest.

In a final note to food-on-the-go, this Blog would not be complete without reference to CLIF.

I first hooked up with CLIF at the 7-Eleven in Washington DC. I had the late night munchies after crossing town from the pro bono institute national conference and ended up pocketing a few of the energy/muesli bars knowing that breakfast the next morning at the hotel was likely to be grim – and it was.

CLIF was a faithful travelling companion, as I ate my way through most of the flavours – walnut and maple, oatmeal raisin and walnut, peanut butter, white chocolate and macadamia, apricot, black cherry… .   (I also slurped down some CLIF energy goo before the Presido 10 and scored a couple of the crunchy ones in the post-race show bag!)

Now CLIF bars don’t just taste good – The CLIF Bar and Company are a pretty impressive outfit and are worth a squiz.

If you can believe ’em, and I’ve got no reason not to, they’re helping to create healthier, more sustainable communities by:

  • Sourcing organic ingredients and supporting organic agriculture
  • Engaging the people who grow, make, package, transport, and eat their food
  • Partnering and collaborating with innovative people and organizations
  • Encouraging hands-on volunteer service. 1

My great sadness, of course, was leaving CLIF behind. CLIF, if you’re out there, come to Australia – people are gonna love you just like I did. You rock.


1. The CLIF Bar and Company,  http://www.clifbar.com/, accessed 23 April 2012.

PS After a little research I found out that CLIF was in Australia but has been deported on bad character grounds – evidently one of their ingredients was a bad egg by Oz food standards… The good news is you can get mail order CLIF!

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