“You gotta run!”

Remember the Calorie Neutral Challenge? Here’s the latest.

In conversation with a paediatrician mate of mine the other day I had cause to recount the entreaty by Dr Steven Blatt, paediatrician and MLP champion at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital to a fellow colleague while I was visiting Syracuse NY earlier this year, “You gotta run!” Running is, apparently, the most popular sport among doctors. Why is it so?

Anyway, with Dr Blatt’s words in mind I hit the streets of Footscray, Melbourne this morning – clear skies, frost on the grass, hot-air balloons rising over the city, water birds on the Maribyrnong river. The kilometres passed easily, albeit slowly!

I’ve been down in Melbourne from Bendigo the last couple of days, laying plans with colleagues from PILCH, La Trobe University, Clayton Utz and other stakeholders to host the inaugural Australian symposium on Advocacy-Health Alliances later this year. It’s shaping up well, having appointed administrative support at PILCH and secured outstanding guest speakers:

  • Liz Tobin Tyler, Director of Public Service / Community Partnerships, Lecturer in Public Interest Law, Roger Williams University School of Law
  • Dr Edward Paul, Director of Medical Education, Yuma Regional Medical Center
  • Pascoe Pleasance – Professor of Empirical Legal Studies, UCL Faculty of Law

Blog followers should stay tuned for updates about the symposium, including open events and  pre/post symposium meeting opportunities with international guests. If you are keen to stay in the loop about it please email me at peter@lcclc.org.au

And for the die-hard runners, don’t miss the chance to run for Victoria’s Environmental Defenders Office in the Melbourne Marathon (full, half, 10, 5 and 3km) on 14 October 2012!


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