Latest legal need research backs holistic services

L to R: Dr Edward Paul, Liz Tobin Tyler, Pascoe Pleasance

Sydney has played host to the opening event on Advocacy-Health Alliances in a packed week of activities preceeding this Friday’s symposium in Melbourne.

The Legal Aid Commission of NSW has welcomed guest speakers Pascoe Pleasance, Dr Ed Paul and Liz Tobin Tyler in their first combined address, drawing together the latest research on legal need published by the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW and expertise in the innovative service delivery model known as Medical-Legal Partnership.

The synergies between the two subjects are evident in conclusions of the research which advocated the value of holistic services:

…the LAW Survey highlights the value of a holistic approach to justice that includes multiple integrated strategies to address the diverse legal needs of the whole community. It underscores the importance of a holistic approach that integrates legal and non-legal service delivery for disadvantaged people who are especially vulnerable to multiple legal and non-legal problems. A holistic approach to justice requires overcoming the fragmentation across legal and non-legal services, across government sectors and across state/territory and federal governments. Thus, whole-of-government commitment, with effective coordination and leadership from the federal government, is essential. Although a more holistic approach to justice will involve considerable resourcing and reshaping of existing service delivery, it has the potential to produce long-term cost savings by enhancing prevention and early intervention through more streamlined, efficient and effective legal resolution.

xxii Legal Australia-Wide Survey: Australia

Follow the blog to keep track of this week’s or follow the link to find out more about this week’s Advocacy-Health Alliance activities.

Peter Noble


  1. Polly Porteous says:

    Just attended the symposium and am full of all sorts of ideas. Two NGO health people commented from the audience that they don’t quite see where they as NGOs can fit in with all this – the MLPs must appear to them to be about government health services… I wanted to jump up and say NGOs in Australia are the organisations that already do this kind of holistic work and they would be natural partners for local community legal centres. I wish someone was there talking about West Heidleberg CLC/Banyule Community Health Centre in Victoria. If either of those NGOs are reading these posts, share your details so Peter can follow you up.

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